(Un)Earthly Delights & Jelly Jelly Jolly Jealy Jello Jellies (2020)

(Un)Earthly Delights. 2020.

Mixed media installation w/ urethane resin, rubber, silicone, plaster casts. 54” x 48” x 6”.

Jelly Jelly Jolly Jealy Jello Jellies. 2020.

Urethane resin and plaster cast on acrylic. 30″ x 48″x 4″.

From Skinny Dip @ SOIL Artist-Run Gallery

July 2 – August 1, 2020

Skinny Dip is a group exhibition of recent works by artists exploring the idea of skin. Operating within the context of skin as the utmost layer of everything, in this group exhibition each artist examines, stretches, reveals, indulges in, and synthesizes the notion of skin through a variety of mediums – from latex to glaze and clay, surfaces from under and above, materials from raw to petrified, sociocultural perspectives from stereotype to authentic – exploring the surface of a skin-deep space.

Photo Credit: Laura Hart Newlon

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