Gravity Jokes (2018)

Gravity Jokes at Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, WA – Sept. 8 – Nov. 17, 2018

curated by Molly Mac.

This recent body of work was produced during my residency at Recology Cleanscapes. What is made visible here is a trace of Seattle’s “progress”, siting the seemingly perpetual cycle of modern manifest destiny, where the real cost of hyper-consumerist excess is infused in the smell of Puget Sound’s summer heat.

“Scavenged and salvaged from mounds of trash and recyclables, materials used in these works range from a muddy spectrum of green, gray and taupe paints leftover from various institutional facilities, and other industrial materials including Styrofoam, plastic sheeting, household refuse and discarded safety gear.

In skin(scapes): 8-15, 8 thin, latex-enamel paint “peels” appear to slink slowly off their rectangular fasteners, apparently failing to live up to their own, seemingly self-imposed, grids. These works flutter delicately as viewers walk by. In these skin(scapes), gravity is a kind of grammar, and this grammar is torn between service to a language of figurative representation and service to languages of modern/postmodern abstraction. The joke could go either way, or perhaps somewhere else entirely.” – Molly Mac

gravity jokes_exhibition layout



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