–paint–blobs–queer–plastic– (2016), MAC Gallery, Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA

This show, –paint–blobs–queer–plastic–, is a kind of teleological exploration of paint, its nature, and its relation to nature. Expanding from and further developing my earlier concepts based on queer theory and construction of identities through paint-made objects, this new body of work confronts and juxtaposes the synthetic, plastic, and artificial nature of paint with vegetation. Introduction of this “natural” element momentarily disrupts the sterile, plastic, shiny surface of paint, providing a sense of peculiarity and queerness, much like seeing grass growing between cracks in concrete pavement. It shows us how much and how far we have come to change the environment and how we perceive that change, how quickly and easily we accept it as nature or being natural. Reflecting on these questions and ideas, I would like to present paint and paint-made objects in a more “natural” setting, a transitory moment for viewers to see these paint blobs as “artifacts/artificial objects that resemble nature/nature-made things” into experiencing them as “objects of artifactual earth that exist in nature.”

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